Greenwood Twiggs

July 31, 2011 by Julia Wright

A 'shout' for Greenwood Twiggs who supply our BBQ Charcoal..

Most barbecue charcoal sold in Britain is imported from tropical rainforests and mangroves which, as i'm sure you've already worked out, isn't such a bright idea!  Much better if it's produced locally and near to 'the point of sale' and done in a sustainable way that actually promotes woodland growth and doesn't harm it..


This is where Greenwood Twiggs come in...  They manage small woodlands in Lancashire producing all sorts of coppiced products in a sustainable way.. Things like.. hurdles, hedge laying material, pea & bean sticks, planters, rustic furniture, artists' charcoal, bird feeders, carved mushrooms, continuous woven fencing, furniture, gates, plant supports, rustic poles, traditional tent pegs,  gypsy flowers, lathes and turned treen! Phew! They are busy girls!! oh, did i forget to mention.. This is an all female effort.. GO GIRLS!!  And just when you thought it couldn't get any better.. it actually does!  Names are 'Twigg' and 'Greenwood' :)  It was meant to be!


We sell Greenwood Twiggs charcoal for only £4.50 for a large bag, and people in the know tell us it burns beautifully. It also lights without the need for fuel or starters. Now there's a good idea ;)