Hippocrates Soup

September 11, 2014 by Julia Wright

"Let thy food be thy medicine

and thy medicine be thy food"


One of our customers is currently on the Gerson diet so we thought we'd join in and make some 'Hippocrates Soup'. Hippocrates was an ancient Greek who's known as the father of Western medicine. To cut a long story short, he believed that illness had natural and understandable causes which include environmental factors, diet, and living habits. Before this revelation, if you became ill it was thought that you'd upset 'the Gods' and were being punished in some way.


This ancient soup recipe is really easy to make as long as you have the finest and freshest organic ingredients to hand.  Fortunately for us, we do, so out came our biggest stainless steel pan and the chopping began! You don't peel anything with this recipe, but obviously everything has to be washed thoroughly. The other thing that is different is that you don't use any oil to help sweat things down or add any salt to your cooking water (you can of course if you aren't following the Gerson diet to the letter).


We decided to do it by the book so stuck to the original recipe. We started by dry frying the onions and leeks to colour them up slightly before adding the other ingredients and covering in spring water. After that you just simmer away as you would with any veggie soup and then blitz or put through a sieve when everything is nicely softened. It smells and tastes wonderful and does seem to have a wonderful cleansing and nourishing effect! Great if you're dieting or just want a bit of a health 'kick'. As we aren't following a special diet, we served ours with a pinch of sea salt, a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon! It tasted absolutely YUMMY!!


The unseasoned version has been bagged and is currently on sale in the shop if you'd like to give this very special soup a try..



1 medium celery knob or 3-4 stalks of celery

1 medium parsley root – if available

Garlic as desired

2 small leeks (if not available, replace with 2 medium onions)

1 ½ pounds tomatoes or more

2 medium onions

1 pound of potatoes

Bunch of Parsley.