Hey Pesto!

August 23, 2013 by Julia Wright

Popping with flavour....

Our Basil beds have done really well this year, so this can only mean one thing.. PESTO! The recipe we've come up with is a vegan Pesto. Ingredients are as follows: 3 types of Basil, Peeled heirloom tomatoes,  Brazil nuts, garlic, rye seeds for taste and texture and lemon juice for acidity.. oh, and lashings of organic extra virgin olive oil, as you'd expect! The result is a full flavoured Pesto for making REALLY quick tasty meals and snacks.. Great on toast or pasta, or added to soups , sauces and salads to give them an extra kick..


We wanted to keep the price down, so instead of using expensive little jars, we've vacpacked our Pesto in 1 - 2 servings tubes which give them an 'ice pop' like appearance.. and so the Pesto Pop was born!!