Wicked Pickles

March 02, 2013 by Julia Wright

Every cloud has a silver lining..

2012 was a challenging year from a growing point of view. It started off dry and promising and our hopes were high as the days grew longer. We began as normal soil blocking and plant raising, but then it started raining and continued for month after month! Ground that we'd prepared turned into something approaching quicksand , and cultivation in all but the polytunnels became almost impossible. Even some of the weeds struggled... That said, things like the blackcurrants didn't seem to mind the wet weather and put on a fabulous show! And our fledgling apple orchard and newly planted hedgerows all got well watered in. So, every cloud … as they say.

In years like these, projects get rained off so on days when we couldn't work outside we spent our time pickling and preserving (also juicing and smoothie making but that's another blog). Our range of quality preservers can now be found in the shop under the name 'Wicked Pickle'. 'Wicked' in a VERY GOOD sense of course as we use only the highest quality ingredients and also have a wicked time finding classic recipes and trying them out.. What better way to spend a rainy week in September than chopping chillies, garlic and onions and making RED HOT chilli jam! It's kept us and our customers warm right through the winter. Another favorite has been a recipe from customers Phil & Dave (who travel from Liverpool to shop at ManicOrganic)  - an authentic Indian wedding pickle from an early Indian cookbook! We LOVE this recipe which isn't at all hot or salty like many Indian pickles, but is fruity and luxurious with ingredients like figs, dates, apricots, fragrant spices and even more. Truly scrumptious!  Someone else we must thank in connection with Wicked Pickle is 'foodograph-er' and designer John Latham. John was in the shop one rainy day when we were trying out some pickles and he was so inspired, he went home and came up with our logo and label design the very next day! We do have some pretty awesome customers it must be said.

So for us, 2012 turned out to be a 'WICKED' year in every sense of the word!