Artist Prints For Sale

February 28, 2013 by Julia Wright

'Work Horses' in water colour by James Gray.


A few months ago, someone came to the shop and asked if we'd like some of our old machines painting. They could all do with a coat of paint so the idea appealed, but as things turned out, we'd got the wrong end of the stick! The visitor in question was local artist James Gray who between being artist in residence on various cruise liners, likes to find 'veteran' tractors and record them as beautiful art prints. The results are so pleasing that we've asked James for a few examples of his work to sell in the shop (while he sails off into the sunset once again!) They make lovely gifts for only £25 and all have a charm that would make them very easy to live with. Remember to have a look at them next time you're in the shop - and compare with the originals in the farm yard:)
A selection of limited edition prints we stock:

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