Smoothie Talk!

August 17, 2012 by Matt Zerillo

Local Smoothie Guru, Matt Zerillo writing for ManicOrganic:


Grape and Lemon Smoothie:


Do you wish to feed your body with all the necessary ingredients for optimum health whilst encouraging and enhancing immune function? If so, you’ll find a great ally in the humble smoothie. Simple to make, great tasting and nutrient rich, a smoothie is a healthy meal choice!

Why are smoothies good for us?
It’s all about energy and the digestive system uses a lot of it! There is much talk about the exact quantity of systemic energy used in digesting food but experts have produced figures ranging from 60-80%. Quite a startling statistic to say the least! Overloading the digestive system with heavy, “gastro-stubborn foods” (term coined) depletes our systemic energy cache which has a knock on effect upon all other workings within the body, namely the immune system.


We can look upon the immune system as the mirror image of the digestive system; where digestion brings new molecules into the body, immune function carries away old and unwanted matter. These two systems must co-exist in balance for optimum bodily function *. When we create a smoothie we are essentially pre-digesting the food before it enters our body; the smoothie is somewhat similar in structure to chyme, the material which enters the duodenum after being broken down in the stomach. This frees up lots of energy. So what does the body do with this newfound extra energy? It puts it into immune function of course! Whalla! Not only are we bringing about a balance in systemic energy distribution but we are also feeding the body with innumerable goodies in the form vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, polyphenols...and the list goes on and on and on! It’s a double health promoting whammy as they say. Balance your energy distribution, encourage immune function and put the good stuff in. Need I say any more?

*The catastrophe that results from failure to achieve balanced cohesion between the immune and digestive systems can be viewed now on a global scale. The vast majority of our energy is put into consumption (digestion) and very little given to recycling and refuse collection/removal (immune); there are piles of rubbish on street corners, bulging landfills, treatment plants backed up to the hilt and all sorts of toxins choking the skies; in short the world is in a state of decay. This decay is a result of bad energy management, we need only put as much energy into refuse and renewal as we do consumption and the world would begin her recuperation. Remember, the world outside is a reflection of that within, and without a disciplined balance the same decay occurs within our bodies at the micro-level.       

Matt Z.