Planting & Winter Pruning

January 30, 2012 by Dennis Walton

Replacing lost trees and winter pruning..


Clay and I planted another 6 apple trees in Gorsuch Orchard to replace the ones that were lost due to having been scorched last spring. It was a very windy day – up to 50mph gusts! It was also quite dark, and cold. Still we completed the task although no photos of the event as Jenny refused to leave the car; I didn’t blame her. There are now 3 James Grieve to go with the 3 Rajka, 3 Lord Lambourne and 3 Worcester Permain.



13th January 2012: I am not superstitious even though it was a Friday. Jenny and I carried out the winter pruning on 4 of the 6 trees that had survived last years scorching, the other two had not put on any new growth. The aim of this is to encourage the trees to develop an open shape, like a wine goblet, to allow air to circulate through the branches. We chose 4-5 of the strongest branches on each tree and then cut them back by a half. All other growth on the trunk was removed. We can now leave them in peace until early March when we will re-apply a mulch.


organic_orchard1 organic_orchard5